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Member Improvements

Recurve Freestyle
Last Name, First NameFirst (Handicap)Last (Handicap)Improvement (%)
Duproy, Raymond20.040.0100%
Byron, Mark18.034.088.9%
Chai, Erwin36.068.088.9%
Griffiths, Steven29.049.069.0%
Doyle, Dale35.054.054.3%
James, Saskia40.056.040%
Lee, Ameera Christina47.065.038.3%
Lavender, Kim54.067.024.1%
Thompson, Rhonda25.031.024.0%
Wang, Evan46.057.023.9%
Doyle, Jason51.063.023.5%
Doyle, Rudy47.055.017.0%
Logan, Robert42.049.016.7%
Travnicek, Tomas43.050.016.3%
Colvin, Daniel55.063.014.5%
Hennessy, Michael60.068.013.3%
Chandrakanthan, Vashe47.052.010.6%
Kokkonen, Arto44.048.09.1%
Sim, Norman65.070.07.7%
Young, Robert41.044.07.3%
Mort, Brendan69.074.07.2%
Murray, Joanna77.082.06.5%
Vasiliades, Giorgio49.052.06.1%
Watt, Ian31.032.03.2%
Figliuzzi, Frank64.066.03.1%
Spinocchia, Melissa73.075.02.7%
Wei, Victor87.089.02.3%
Bester, Dawid89.091.02.2%
Newman, Angela48.049.02.1%
Schejnin, Jason49.050.02.0%
Cheah, Steve67.068.01.5%
King, Alex86.087.01.2%

Recurve Barebow
Last Name, First NameFirst (Handicap)Last (Handicap)Improvement (%)
Thomson (Alikay), Shpressa18.028.055.6%
Lawlor, William49.066.034.7%
Whiley, Gregor39.047.020.5%
Alikay, Kuytim37.043.016.2%
Broady, Raymond32.037.015.6%
Tops, Gerard25.028.012.0%
Heron, Janelle34.037.08.8%

Compound Freestyle
Last Name, First NameFirst (Handicap)Last (Handicap)Improvement (%)
Allan, Luke66.073.010.6%
Schejnin, Jason81.089.09.9%
Woods, Rebecca36.039.08.3%
Curran, Daniel102.0107.04.9%
Sim, Pearly62.065.04.8%
Sudario, Felix86.090.04.7%
Kok, Justin85.088.03.5%
Roig, David94.097.03.2%

Last Name, First NameFirst (Handicap)Last (Handicap)Improvement (%)
Broady, Raymond28.032.014.3%
- Archers must have completed at least 6 rated club shoots since 01/07/2016 to be included in this list.
- The first 4 rounds for every archer are skipped.